Saturday, July 8, 2017


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Hi, it's me, with more dresses, but this time from I looked through their website and there are so many amazing pieces. I absolutely love these elegant off the shoulder dresses with a little leg slit. Actually, that slit is not little, it's insane and fabulous! They also have beautiful lace homecoming dresses and wholesale evening dresses. These bottom two are a little different, but two-piece is always a great idea if you're looking for something extra-special. All of them are so stunning and I don't think I could pick my favorite - that would be so hard. You should check them out if you're in search for a good dress, just click on the numbers below the photos. Also, I found some mermaid wedding dresses which sounds pretty cool, but seriously, the mermaid style dresses are gorgeous. That's all from me now, I hope you enjoy these beautiful gowns and have an amazing day!


Saturday, July 1, 2017


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Hello everyone, here are some lovely items from, they have so many great pieces, especially bandage bodycon dresses and wine red prom dresses. I included some of my favorites in this post and you can find all the links above this text ( just click on the numbers ). Have a great shopping and enjoy your day!