Friday, July 25, 2014

new in #18

bag : here // top : here

These two items are the newest addition to my closet and they're both from
I actually hooked this top for the electricity wire that's connected to my house so I could have the blueness of a sky in the background hehe but it was fun because the wind also decided to blow at that moment..


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

a silk scarf

Top : Vintage / Skorts : Rosegal / Sandals : local / Sandals : tbs ( here ) / Necklace : Rosegal / Bag : H&M / Arrow tattoo : Pepperink

I found this top in my mom's closet and she got it from her grandmother so that would be my great-grandmother ( i googled that haha ). These wedge sandals are soooo comfortable, but I haven't found a lot of time to wear them since the weather is still shitty. Skorts from are new edition to my closet and I thought I would never get them because literally everyone was buying them, but after a while I kinda fell in love with them.. Also, the white ones are on their way to my house too.. and now I want them in every color! Have a great day ;)

There is no silk scarf here, but this song is amazing, so amazing.