Saturday, September 15, 2018

How to was curly peruvian hair

Good hair maintenance is vital to continue to enjoy the beauty of your human hair extensions. Peruvian curls wigs are one of the most sought-after weaves in the market aside Brazilian weaves because of their beautiful strands and softer loser curls that last longer than Brazilian wigs. They are a popular pick for women of color because they give a fuller and thicker look unlike other varieties of human hair.
Although maintaining a straight weave is easier than a curly weave, Peruvian curly weaves give the perfect finish to any look and soften the facial structure and enhance your feminine features. With constant use, comes maintenance. A maintenance routine to keep the hair intact is washing with water to remove dirt and oils that are stuck in the hair.
To wash your Peruvian virgin hair, consider doing the following when washing your weave.
Choose a shampoo. When buying a shampoo for your Peruvian weave, choose a milder but strong natural-based shampoo. This combination is to help remove oily dirt while being gentle to the hair strands while cleaning it thoroughly. Apply warm or mild water over the hair to wet it through. Squeeze a bit of shampoo into your palms and rub gently through the base of the hair (this is where the bulk of the dirt will be), run your fingers through the base of your hair to release the dirt and oils. Gentle work on your down the hair but is careful with the curls. With your head tilted forward; if at home or backward (if in a saloon), let warm water run through the hair to rinse out the shampoo and dirt. Rinse twice to properly remove all residue of the hair treatment from the scalp and hair. Apply hair detangler or strand softening moisturizing conditioner, this helps to realize the strand while supplying the basic nutrients for your scalp.
Allow the conditioner to sit for 5 minutes to nourish your scalp and then rinse out thoroughly. Dry when you are done washing (shampooing and conditioning), use a cotton towel or fabric and wrap your hair to start the drying process. Cotton is a suitable material because of its high absorbency rate. Do not rub on the hair to avoid the strands falling off.
Virgin hair vendors can take well to heat, so if you are in hurry, using a blow dryer on low heat, from a safe distance is the best choice for getting your hair to drying quickly. Dry slowly with the blow-dryer from the top to the tip of the hair. Apply a curl definer to help keep the curls when hair is wet, this will keep the curls well defined when it's dried out.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

BestHairBuy Bob Wigs

Hi, as an addition to the previous post, here's something about BestHairBuy bob wigs and wigs in general. People usually that wigs can only be worn as a solution to hair loss, but that is not the only possibility... If you're dealing with temporary hair loss which can be so super annoying and you're having a hard time finding something that works for your hair, a wig is a great solution. Also, a hair is a big part of every woman... most of the time, when you look in the mirror, the first thing you see is hair and if it's good - you know it's gonna be an awesome day! When I feel good about my hair, it gives me a major boost of confidence. On the other hand, some women just like to change their hair from time to time... There are literally thousands of styles, colors and types you can choose from - BestHairBuy lace front wigs or BestHairBuy brazilian hair and many others. Just put a wig on and you have a completely different look. Wigs are also awesome for everyone that loves that fresh out of the salon feeling which we can't have all the time. Simply pop on your wig and you're good to go!


BestHairBuy Hair Extensions

Hey you all, I hope you're all having an amazing summer ( or winter )!
Today I have a post about hair extensions.. Have you ever considered buying them? If your answer is yes, I hope I can help you with making that decision. We all know it's a perfect way to add some volume and length to your hair, but did you ever consider that it's also a great way to hide a bad haircut - which happened to all of us at least once in our lifetime and it can be such a struggle... You can also easily experiment with different colors, but without damaging your hair or you can have that hairstyle you've always dreamed about... there are many different reasons and with BestHairBuy hair extensions  you can achieve all of that. Have you ever asked yourself why can't you have that perfectly long and flawless hair, I understand that frustration, but I'm finally ok with the fact that I will never have long hair. If this is a problem, BestHairBuy clip in hair extensions is a solution for you. That long hair you've been dreaming about can be yours in a few minutes with the clip in extensions which are so easy to use. As I already mentioned, you can experiment with different hair colors without having to worry about the long-term commitment or causing any damage to your fabulous hair. Also, hair extensions instantly make any braid, bun or ponytail more voluminous and interesting. Another great way is to use your hair extensions as an accessories in your hair, for example - a braid headband or to finish your beautiful updo. BestHairBuy wigs are also a great way to spice up your look for any special occasion... Both hair extensions and wigs, which I will be talking about in my next post, are easy to use, cause no damage and my favorite is that if you don't like the results, you can easily take them out of your hair! You can't be wrong with hair extensions, they truly are worth the shot, mostly because you can play however you want with them which can be fun as well. I will leave all the links to their social media and where you can find them down below. Have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, June 20, 2018


                                                                                                                     1 // 2
                                                                                                                     3 // 4
                                                                                                                5 // 6
                                                                                                                6 // 7

Hi, long time no wishlist, actually long time since I've written here at all.. but I'm back and I have few amazing pieces to show you. Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer - perfect time for some bikini shopping if you haven't done it already.  All of these are from Rosegal where you can find many more different styles. I added just a few of my favorites here... I've been loving these simple bandeau ribbed bikinis. I want that style in every single color, but baby blue is on top of my wishlist. Since polka dots have been inevitable this season, you need them on your bikini as well! There are so many different bikinis on their website so you should definitely check them out. Another plus is that most of them are between 10-20$ which is perfect. I hope you enjoyed this short little wishlist and tell me if you've already tried Rosegal swimsuits and which one is your favorite?