Friday, November 27, 2015


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Happy Black Friday you all - a day where you can go shopping with no ( or much less ) regret.. Above are few of my favorites from zaful that maybe can be yours because I have a little giveaway for you where actually everybody can win.

All you have to do is share this post or a coupon code photo below on any social media platform you want  (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, google+, any.. ) and you will get a Nx$8 giftcards to spend on

If you share it on two platforms, for example on twitter and facebook - you'll get $16 giftcard, etc.. The more you share it - the more you get : Nxplatforms =  Nx$8. Isn't that amazing? It is only available from 27-30 November and after you've shared it send your link/s to 
Start sharing and have a good shopping!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

winter ball

Hi, it's me again with these lovely dresses from I love going on certain websites from time to time and dream haha.. I am aware of the fact that I don't have any occassion currently to wear these dresses to but.. I love looking and searching through all of them. Seriously, every single one is so incredibly stunning. Here above are just few of them, I choose these light-colored ones which are perfect for winter ball.. Is that even happening anywhere? I think that's the best kind of dance/ball - icy themed. I would love to attend one and wear something like this first dress above, it's gorgeous! Anyhow, my favorite would have to be the first one, I would love to wear it immediately haha right now. It's sooo pretty :)) Also, the pink colored is inevitable in my posts hehe, I had one in that color in my previous post too.. You can find the links for all those three dresses above this text or check more from the collection prom dresses canada. They have many other dresses, as well as the short ones that are soo nice too:) But you can seriously find a dress for any occassion there, whatever you need, from evening to party or cockail or bridesmaid or or anything... It's fun to look through and see what you like. Prices are reasonable for what you're getting - pretty and quality dresses. You should check for yourself if you're interested. Ehm, what else? The weather went from not cold at all to really,really cold this weekend haha so that's fun. No, it actually is, I love cold weather and being able to wear coats and scarves and to bundle up with clothing. But I also love stay inside my blanket all day and do nothing and who doesn't? Ok, ok, which dress is your favorite and do you ever wear formal dresses and where?


Saturday, November 21, 2015

things to shop for

Seems like you do not have to wait for Cyber Monday to shop, you can join the Shein spree before that day with as they said "tons of guilt-free shopping". I mean is it ever a guilt-free shopping? Anyhow, you still have few more days until it ends, so check it out here or click on the photo below. 
You get 34% off over $59 with a code SHOP34, 
36% off over $109 with a code SHOP36
and 38% off over $209 with a code SHOP 38

Interesting numbers, you do the math.. I think it is worth it for sure :) They have so many cute fall/winter pieces - above are just some of my faves and each item's link is under the photo. Have a great night you all!