Saturday, March 28, 2015

travel essentials #2

These two maybelline colors tattoos are in On and on bronze and Permanent taupe ( for brows ), Alverde blush is in Apricot 01, Bourjois blush - Rose Amber 74, Make-up revolution romantic smoked palette and Beauty UK Gossip Girl lipstick 

I posted my  travel essentials with preparative cosmetic here at the beginning of the month and I totally forgot that I had make-up prepared for you too. So, here is the second part of the products I bring with me when I travel. These are also my everyday products, they change depending how I want to do my make-up from day to day. Sometimess more, sometimes less.. Also, I've changed up my mascara - now I'm using Maybelline Lash Sensational since I have run out of Falsies one :) If you want to know more about certain product, just ask in comments and I will answer it to you asap :D Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

make me feel better

What does? 

some unpublished photos from last year's little beach getaway in autumn


Friday, March 20, 2015

spring dresses

click on each dress if you're interested in buying it or seeing it better

Hey, hey, as today was officially the first day of spring, I immediately thought about light-colored, little dresses! I'm tired of heavy layering, dark colors and warm clothes, even though I love winter, it was enough of cold weather.. Aren't we all in much better mood when sun is shining outside? Also, I'm really looking forward to lighter jackets and wearing skirt/dresses without thick tights underneath. Anyway, I browsed through a little bit and found a lot of cute items. Here above are just some of the ones I liked, but I think my favorites are this and this one. 

I will have a giveaway on my facebook page this weekend, so make sure to follow me there hehe
That's it! Enjoy this end of the winter ( if you're in the Northern Hemisphere ) byeee :))