Tuesday, June 30, 2015

new in


hi hiii hello. i just got back from a short sea trip, actually sea wedding but i stayed for a few days :)) it was so lovely being on the beach again, i can't wait to again this summer.
 basically, these two new items from zaful.com were my wedding outfit + black sandals ( more photos are coming soon ). while i was there i did take some photos, but i didn't feel like posting them on instagram or facebook at all nor did i feel the need to use internet that much.. and it felt so goood!!:)) i'm kinda tired even though it's quite early now , but i'm starting to rambling all over the place so i'm just gonna go.. but if you like these two, links are above. that top is soo awesome! you'll see how good it looks on in next post/s or on instagram ( here hehe )


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Hi people! I got these two cases from an etsy store - actually this store here called BYMBOW. I am not quite sure what does that mean, but it sounds kinda cool.. They have so many awesome prints, from elephants to pineapples and pizzas aaand it's brilliant. As you can see above, I got the most awesome banana case ever. Have you ever seen a banana iphone case? I know I haven't.. and I got so many weird comments about it - i don't understand why haha. The second is this cute daisy one which you can never go wrong with :) If you're interested in any of these, links are below the photos.
This was just a quick little post, I know I've been slacking with posts lately, but there would be a new outfit one in couple of days.. Right where my school ended I hurt my leg and also got a stomach flu, soo that was really funfunfun.. but I am heereee and I'm also on instagram @mihaelarotim. adios!!


Saturday, June 20, 2015