Tuesday, May 26, 2020

dresslily wishlist

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Hey you guys, it's almost summer and a perfect time to shop for new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Dresslily has some awesome pieces and I wanted to share them with you. I added few of my favorites here above, I am absolutely in love with all of their bikinis, you can find so many great options! This white one piece is gorgeous and they have many more, you can also check out their tankinis, there are so many cool ones. I am thinking about getting a yellow ruffle bikini that I found (this one), yellow is such a good summer color. I added two of my favorite bags from their website, but there are so many other ones that I love. You can also find a perfect summer dress like these two above. The first one is more romantic, perfect for a brunch, picnic or a summer date. The navy one is a little bit more formal and extremely elegant. You can find whatever you're looking for, from printed dress, curvy dress, lace up dress, floral print dress ( my favorite ) to feather kind dress. Also, if you are interested in of the items above, just click one the number below the each photo and it will take you to their website. If you are thinking about placing an order, you can use the code DLBF20 for 20% everything which is really good if you add it to already reduced prices since most of the pieces are currently on sale. Tell me which one is your favorite and I'll talk to you later :)


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

bag wishlist

Hi you all, I hope you are having a great summer! I wanted to share with you this cute little online store that I have already talked about in one of my previous post - called FYY store. They have so many great pieces, from bags to iphone and tablet cases and other accessories. Unique and simple designs, but there are also some very special ones, like the bag I've shown you above. This women cross body shoulder bag with glitter and pearls is adorable! It's such a cool piece for every day. I love pearls on everything. You can also find it in purple. The other bag is a little bit more simple and elegant, they have so many amazing crossbody bags for women. I am sure you can find whatever you are looking for on there. They also sell adapters, headphones, lunch bags, I even found a showerhead and dog collars on there. There are so many interesting items, but they are most famous for their bags and phone cases. Prices are reasonable for the quality you're getting. If you like these above click on the photos and it will take you directly to the item on the website. I hope you will find something for yourself. Have an amazing rest of the week


name necklaces

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Hola everyone, I hope you're having an amazing summer ( or winter)! I have already mentioned getnamenecklace website on my blog a few months ago. It truly is such an awesome place to find any customized jewelry you want. Their amazing team of designers makes gorgeous personalized jewelry. They basically turn names and initials into beautiful pieces. You can choose and make whatever you want. Name necklaces, monogram necklaces, custom name rings, locket necklaces, promise ring,  name rings, bracelets, charms, you can even personalize your earrings which is extremely cool! All of the pieces are made with great quality using the latest technology. Each piece can be personalized by choosing the name, initials, font, lettering type, metal and stones that meet your style. You can have a unique piece that no one else has or something that represents only you. I think it is super cool and special to own a piece like that. Also, if you are not very good with gifts, this is perfect for you. It can be for your boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, friend, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, anyone! Go under the shop for section on their website and you will find all of that. I mean they even have jewelry for pet lovers and engraving with pet footprints like this one - product number 1084. I highly recommend their online store, customer service is very fast, tracking is easy and return policy is awesome. I decided to show you some of the rings they have as you can see in the photos above. They're adorable, especially #3 and #4, I would even start wearing rings ( which I usually don't ) for something like that. If you're interested in products above, I put the links below the photos - under the numbers. I mean, there is a ton of different models you can make with a little bit of imagination and creativity on their website. I hope you will find something for yourself and enjoy the rest of your day!


Monday, August 5, 2019

bags of your dreams

Hi you all, today I would like to introduce you to a place where all your problems can be solved. I mean, only if your problems are related to bag problems... There's this perfect online store called Baginning where you can find all the bags you've been looking for. They have tons of different and so many unique models. You just saw a few of my favorites in this post, but there is so much more. I followed a clear bag theme and I'm not really sure why, but I love all of them, especially the ones with pearls. My favorite has to be that first one I've shown you, it's classic and elegant and so beautiful! There are many more, like clutch bags, bucket bags and vintage bags. It's awesome that you can find so many unique ones, I haven't seen these around a lot which is always a big plus. Shipping is worldwide and free and they have a really good return policy. If you like the ones from this post, you can just click on each photo and it will take you directly to the product. You should definitely check them out if you're in a search for one. Make sure to tell me which one is your favorite and enjoy your shopping ;)