Tuesday, August 12, 2014

they stare at me while i stare at you

Jacket : Everbuying / Blouse : Stradivarius / Skirt : Chicnova / Shoes : Tidebuy / Bag : Marc B

I got these heels from tidebuy.com few weeks ago and they're my first kinda stiletto heels, but I really like them. I feel so much older in them so I had to wear my heart blouse and a little white skirt to not be so old haha
Also, I am not going to be as good at blogging this month because I was and I will be away for quite a lot. I already have a lot of photos to show you, so as soon as I come back, I will do that!
Anyhow, I can't wait to go to the seaside tomorrow and get some tan hehhe until I come back, follow me on my facebook page - I will try to update there as much as I can :D 


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

we can grow vegetables underneath our skylight

Blouse, wedges : Stradivarius / Skirt : ineedtoaskmysister / Clutch : local 

really informative about where's my clothes from.. 

it's currently 2:53 am and i'm listening to jamie xx. i should've been sleeping since i have to get up for 2 and half hours.. this post is scheduled btw, now is not now when you're reading this :P


Friday, August 1, 2014


Tattoos : PepperInk

I never wanted to get a real tattoo, but I've been kinda thinking about it lately.. I would probably just put a dot somewhere on my body so when someone asks you if you got any tattoos you can say you do haha ok that's not really the point i know. Actually, I just changed my mind, I don't really want a real tattoo. But I did feel kinda cool wearing these temporary ones from pepperink - not expensive store on etsy based in Australia. They make all kinds of designs and here above are just some of them. Their staying power is up to 5 days, but on my belly they stayed a little longer and on my wrist - 3 or 4 days - basically depending where you put them :) My favorites are probably the arrow and the heart one and now I want more.. we always want more.

And also, I am going away for a week, so I may put a post or two - if I manage to get them done and pre- schedule them now. I have to get up for less than 5 hours and still finish packing and I need songs on my phone and I have to wash my hair aand and and.. it's fun, but who needs sleep anyway, ok jk. 

bye byee, mihaela