Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring trends - part 1.

I feel like spring has been here for years,not for couple days.I like how I feel and what I see around.Especially when I look trough the window : all I see is yellow and white (and some green).Dandelions,daisies,those big cherry trees,beautiful green grass (we all know what's grass,i know) ohh,and that sky! Everything.How I love when I open the window and play piano while the birds are singing.I love those bright colors,floral patterns,stripes,mini skirts,amaaaaaaaaaaazing all kinds of dresses.Ahh,I love you Spring!

Prepare yourself for some Fashion,you freaks.


Neon colors,a lot of neon colors,all shades of blue,powdery paints,stripes,stripes and stripes,florals and don't forget classic is always IN.

Neon colors.

I'm just in love with them,I never thought I'll like neon colors,but seems like I do.Neon orange,blue,pink,yellow,green - I LOVE THEM.

All shades of blue

Even if some people think it's "too ordinary" and predictable,blue finally found itself a place on Fashion Scene this year ( or just in my closet ).You have to be very careful with blue.If you're blonde you should definitely get yourself a little darker shade of blue,long dress.

Powdery Paints

If you're not crazy about "being crazy with colors" you should definitely buy yourself some beautiful powdery clothing pieces.Choose the creamy,light beige,soft pink,those colors are so romantic and elegant.If you have dark skin,that's just one more reason why you should have something "powdery" in your closet,because those colors would look amazing on you.Also,if you have light skin,powdery colors will show your stylishness.

That was the Part 1 of my spring trends and the things I'll be wearing this spring.
I'll post Part 2 very soon.

Make sure to tell me in comments what would you be wearing this spring and would you wear any of these things.



  1. Love the neon outfits. Specifically the neon pink pants and orange blazer.

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  2. Oh hai Mihaela :) It's Emily Vaine here. Lovely post!

  3. In this moment i love the powdely colors, but i'm sure that in summer i'll be totally in neon colors!

  4. I'm looking for everything mint coloured! and pastel coloured:) still need a white blazer.

  5. I love spring summer 2011 collections. Uao for flue colours! Uao for blues...Can't wait for spring to come for good
    Sara C.

  6. LOVE NEON and LOVE PASTELS XOXOX the Spring trends this year are so quirky I love it! Check out my blog we can follow each other if you'd like :)

  7. I was looking for some inspiration of neon dresses and I've found you blog, I'm following you 'Fashion Freak' :D xoxo

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