Monday, April 11, 2011

spring trends - part 2.

This is my 2nd post about spring trends or I could say "The things I'll wear this spring".If you haven't seen the part 1 check it HERE. Basically this is just follow - up post from the last one.In the last post you saw neon colors,all kinds of blue,beautiful powdery paint and in this one,you'll see florals,stripes and wild patterns.

Let's start with some stripes.Ohh,you can't even imagine how I love them! Imagine classic black  - white stripe shirt,black short skirt and just a red bag or shoes or some red accessorizes.It's chic,trendy,feminine,even a little elegant and ultra cute!
Stripes - wide,narrow,I love all kinds of them.You're able to combine it with clothes in one color or with different patterns ( like maybe little dots ).
Enough talking,see for yourself if you're stripe's fan :D


I'm not usually big fan of tiger,leopard..and all those wild and crazy patterns,but I could try to do something with them this spring.Probably just an accessorize,a scarf or belt - nothing too much.I'm very big fan of zebra's pattern,I just love it.I have a pinkish scarf with leopard pattern.I didn't wear it that much,but I'm thinking what to wear with it.I also saw,veeery cute pinkish - peach flats,oh they're so pretty. 

Oh my god,look at this crazy fashion.Don't you just love it?


If anyone on this blog have something against florals,he/she should say that or be quiet about it forever.I'm serious xD Don't you just love,love,love florals? I don't care about trends,for me,they're always in! Florals are so romantic,feminine and ultra playful.You can wear them in Day's Outfits and for Night too.If you're feeling creative and inspired you can do so many,many amazing things with florals.I just got such a cute floral skirt couple days ago and I'm totally in love with it.

Look how florals can look amazing just at casual occasions.I adore these 2 outfits below from Luella Bartley,gorgeous.

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  1. Great blog honey! Check mine too, it´s very recent, tell what you think? xoxo

  2. Pruge mi se najvise svidjaju :D Pogotovo na dugackim prolecnim haljinama, prelepo! :)

  3. Brilliantly written post :)
    Stripes are amazing for spring!


  4. bilo što je ok osim animal print

  5. Floral patterns and stripes are my fav trends!

  6. I'm not sure if I'm into stripes.. but florals.. love!

  7. hvala na komentaru..jako mi se sviđa tvoj blog i svakako pratim te!

  8. Such a great post. I love all the clothes. I'm not a fan of animal print too, but my post when I finally decided to be brave!

  9. sladak blog:)
    xoxo Sienna

  10. Nice post.

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  11. the flower dresses are wonderful


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