Tuesday, May 17, 2011

orange.say it out loud.

Hii everyone.

So, first of all I don't really know why did I just write that title "say it loud". I don't have idea why, but yeah that's just who I am. You never know what would be my next step.Wosh.
I knew I had to write a new post, but I wasn't sure what should I post about, so I was reading ELLE and I realised that there are so many orange items and stuff and things and everything and and. Duhh, I'm gonna write a new post about - guess what - ORANGEEEEEE. Ohh, I love oranges, they're delicious. 

Have you known that the "Orange" is symbol of energy and optimism, yeah, blablaa. You seriously thought I'm gonna write about orange? As fruit? Nooooooo. 

Orange! As an amazing trend this season.

Honestly, I don't have many orange clothing or any other items in my closet. I don't know why, I just don't, but I definitely should have. I looove that the bright colors are so in this season. I love orange, It's such a bright and happy color.
Happy Color --> ORANGE.

Orange shirt, dresses, accessorizes, LIPSTICK, NAILPOLISH, pants, everything orange.

Enough talking, as they say "The picture is worth thousands of words"

That would be all. Also, don't you just love how orange letters looks on my gray background.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

always be yourself

Hii :]

Yeah! Thank God Blogger is finally normally working again! These last 2 days I had a lot of problems with it,I couldn't log-in,I thought I have lost my blog - awful. I know a lot of you had the same problems,but yaay it's fixed and everything is ok.

Ohh,this week was interesting. My camera has broken,yay -.-" I don't know what would I do now, I need something to take pictures with. Stupid tests, blablabla. But what keeps me happy and in the good mood is always all those amazing blogs! I love you all because of that ♥ 

I wasn't sure what would I post about,so I could post "This week.." thing what just crossed my mind.


Obsessed with : Youtube channels, especially with juicystar07 and meganheartsmakeup's channels.

Wearing : White eye - pencil, I don't really like the black one cause my eyes looks much smaller then usually If I'm wearing it.

Reading : House of Night Series - Betrayed and theblondesalad.blogspot.com ( I love this blog so much ) 
Eating : Hello Kitty ice-cream.My little sister is crazy about Hello Kitty, that's why we all have to eat that ice-cream so she could be able to get some stickers or whatever is a gift in that ice-cream xD

Doing : Nothing.Playing piano a little bit, I was studying I had a lot of tests this week, I tried to fix my camera - worthless try, reading, arguing with blogger.com ( just kidding)  and the most importantly - sleeping.

So,we could call this thing a tag or something like that.If you don't have anything smarter to do, you can do this on your blog or in comments section.
I know it isn't really Fashion Post, but here are some pictures for the end of the week.

If we ignore the fact that she's smoking,then she's perfect!

That's all.Don't forget to tell me about yours "This week.." obsessions and all those things in comments.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

that time finally came

Hiii everyone :]

Thank you all for commenting and following my blog. When I hit 100 followers I would start with posting my outfits, so If you're curious about that follow and invite your friends or whoever you want to follow :]

That spring weather finally came, It's very sunny outside.It reminds me on the summer time when we can all start dreaming and do nothing. I can't wait for month and couple days when school would finally finish to start with that carefree time. I'm thinking what would I do this summer :O Today I was cleaning my room ( wooo for me) and I found bunch of items what I lost - ahahha.

Please again - FOLLOW AND COMMENT AND FOLLOW ( and follow ) 

Some pictures for a good weekend ;D

So what did you learn from this post? I know, I know - to follow my blog.