Friday, October 31, 2014

le favori #6

I love extreme Essence mascara
Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked
Baby lips "MINT FRESH"
Amazing Brick Game
Bodeoo sunglasses
Deichmann boots
Lauren Oliver Ako se ne probudim ( Before I Fall ) 

Most addicting game ever and such an interesting book that is so easy for reading..Also, my new bag, new and first palette by makeup revolution ( love it ), boots I could wear everyday and my favorite blouse. 
If you want more information about certain item, ask and I will answer it for you in comments :)  giveaway in next post, byebye..


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

and we are still falling

Coat : local / Dress : Wal G / Tights : local / Necklace : Vessos / Shoes : Shoe box / Bag : Tidebuy

My dress is from and it's such a feminine and elegant piece. I adore the lace details on the sides and at the chest. Great, great piece, but too bad it's getting cold outside because this one has open back, so I'll have to wait until warmer months to wear it, you can find it here - and it comes in burgundy color too. 
 Have a lovely day you all!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

but none of the miles i will be the burden can not find me

Jacket : Persunmall / Sweater : Dressve / Pants : H&M / Boots : Deichmann / Necklace : UNA  / Bag : Stradivarius

Hello guys! It's Saturday evening and I've stayed at home today to relax and rest a little bit. I have cleaned my room today and throwed out so many clothes ( mainly because they became too small or I haven't worn some of them for few years.. ) but anyway, i love being surrounded with fresh and clean space - it's always such a great feeling. Ehm what else.. then I got new make-up items from make-up revolution, including this palette which did certainly not disappoint me hihi..
Now, onto my outfit. When I was taking these photos it was actually raining as you can maybe see, so I reached out for my favorite umbrella which I got from my grandma, and it actually goes kinda cool with the outfit. I just realized that there are so many things from my granny that I wear.. sweaters, scarves, mittens, umbrellas.. hehe. But this exact sweater is such a great piece from and you can find it here and now, of course, I want it in every single color. I'm obsessed with fluffy items in fall/winter! 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

pale and bright october yellow pumps by road

Second part of my little sea trip that happened over a month ago..  enjoy the photos!
Also, down here's a song from a Croatian musician I really enjoy listening. 
I hope weekend will come very soon for all of you! hehe