Tuesday, January 24, 2012

christmas haul - random ( part 2 )

I got bracelets from Tally Weijl and Accessorize. It was a great deal, actually. Basically, I got 9 bracelets for $5 from Tally Wejil. And another 2 from Accessorize

Hoodie - Bershka

Shirt - Tally Wejil

Top - New Yorker

Bag - Bershka

I have no idea how is this called xD It's from Accessorize

Today was a great day. And I actually learned something useful, something what's gonna help me in life 
( I hope, no - I know ! )

You can still join my giveaway and win a bracelet of your choice. I'm too lazy to give you a link, you can find it, just scroll down.

ohh, and i just got a haircut.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

christmas haul - make-up ( part 1 )

I guess I should start this post with blushes. I just <3 them. 

Ohh, I'm obsessed. 

Love the Manhattan palette my cousin got for me <3 I'm replacing my white eye pencil with this one from essence - I like this color better than white on my waterline. 

I've always wanted to try eyelash curler, It is so much fun curling your eyelashes haha ^^

28 neutral palette I won on a giveaway :) I love it!

Balea lipbalm and that pyrus lipgloss smell AMAZING. I'm crazy about those Essence Stay With Me lipglosses - I want them all *__* Catrice lipstain is nice, I have a feeling there's no more product in it and I used it couple times only :/

I know I'm kinda late - hahah. I don't care. 

That's what I got for Christmas and I went shopping with my cousin while I was visiting her. ^^
( and I won some items on a giveaway )

If you want review or swatches of something - tell me in comments. 

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Also, here's another giveaway ( as we were talking about make-up ), it's absolutely perfect. I have never tried any MAC product and have you got any idea how happy would I be to try anything? Omg *__* This is perfection. You all have chance to win some MAC products, just click the link below



Friday, January 13, 2012



I have a new giveaway for you - you can win a bracelet of your choice from HERE and you can read more about these braceletes HERE. Company is called "Charm Factory", they have affordable and great quality items.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

my 2011 favorites

I absolutely love this book. 

Volare Magnolia

S-he nail polish - no name 
Essence - You belong to me
Essence - Gold old Buffy

Best product ever. 
Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-On

Lipbalms, lots of lipbalms. I'm obsessed with them. My favorite is the Balea Young one.

I've been wearing this bag constantly. 

Best mascara ever ( you already know it's my favorite )
Maybelline One by One

Essence smokey eyes brush 

I loved watching Missglamorazzi this year. 

These were my favorites, it was kinda hard because I can't really remember what I used the most at the beginning of the year. I also wanted to include clothes, but that was changing a lot trough the year.

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- mihaela.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I just came back home today after 12 days not being at home. I was at my cousins, then at my other cousins and..^^ It was fun ( and successful - I'm talking about shopping )

I'm sleepy. I have like 19192192182198921 videos and posts to watch. 

Also, do you have any New Year's Resolutions? All I want is to be a better person and be happier AND post more often ;)

When I reach 100 followers on BLOGLOVIN - I'll make a new giveaway

 Happy New Year everyone <3