Tuesday, April 19, 2011

short something.


You know what? I love all of you soooo much! ♥

I'm like so tired now,my eyes are literally closing every few seconds.

The main reason I posted this post is because I'm leaving tomorrow,I'm going to visit my aunt and my cousins,so I won't be able to come online.I'll be back around 30th April,so be ready for a lot of new things.I also promised you a birthday haul, so I'll do a Birthday + Easter Haul together (when I come back),I hope that's okaii :]

Right now I'm going to pack some of my stuff,please pray that I can close my travel bag :O

Coming back 30th April :]


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hii everyone.^^

Thank you so much for following and commenting,it really means a lot to me

 I just wanted to make random post,about nothing,but about everything and post some pictures.
As some of you already know my birthday was on Friday.
If you'd like me to post a pictures of the items I got, tell me in the comments below,so I could maybe make a little Birthday Haul

I also wanted to ask you a few questions :D 

Do you have Youtube Channel? If you do,what's your username?
Do you have twitter? 
Mine's http://www.twitter.com/balmain14/ - definitely check it and tell me yours,so I could follow you.
Also,what are your favorite blogs? 

 I'm really curious about all those things,I wanna know all of you much better,so write your answers or if you have anything else to say in comments section. And don't forget to follow if you're not following already.

Some pictures for the good end of the weekend or good start of the week.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spring trends - part 3.

I already did parts 1 & 2 and now it's obviously time for part 3.I really want to share with you what I'll wear this spring and what are my trends for this spring.I showed you a lot of patterns in lasts posts and now it's time for dresses,skirts,vests,jackets..


If you're wearing skirt this spring,it should be short.I love long skirts too,but GIVE ME SOMETHING LIKE THIS ( and I would love you forever ) :

picture from www.beingbrazen.com

Short skirts are so cute,chic,trendy and beautiful! I love all kinds of them, ruffle, stripe skirts, floral skirts, dotted skirts..

Ohh,how I love bows this season,I'm crazy with bows,and look at that beautiful soft pink color.The black - white stripe skirt with big golden buttons - perfection.


I love,love,love them! Soft colors,nude,grey colors with floral patterns is all I need.


Long dresses are definitely one of my favorite trends this spring.Choose a bright or neon color and you're ready to go.Or it could be soft,powdery color or with floral pattern.They're so elegant,trendy,but classy.I'll bring a little "hippie" style to my wardrobe.Make sure to wear flats with them,definitely don't wear heels.


Please tell me what do you think about my blog? Do you like my posts? Would you like to know who's your Fashion Freak - something about me?


Monday, April 11, 2011

spring trends - part 2.

This is my 2nd post about spring trends or I could say "The things I'll wear this spring".If you haven't seen the part 1 check it HERE. Basically this is just follow - up post from the last one.In the last post you saw neon colors,all kinds of blue,beautiful powdery paint and in this one,you'll see florals,stripes and wild patterns.

Let's start with some stripes.Ohh,you can't even imagine how I love them! Imagine classic black  - white stripe shirt,black short skirt and just a red bag or shoes or some red accessorizes.It's chic,trendy,feminine,even a little elegant and ultra cute!
Stripes - wide,narrow,I love all kinds of them.You're able to combine it with clothes in one color or with different patterns ( like maybe little dots ).
Enough talking,see for yourself if you're stripe's fan :D


I'm not usually big fan of tiger,leopard..and all those wild and crazy patterns,but I could try to do something with them this spring.Probably just an accessorize,a scarf or belt - nothing too much.I'm very big fan of zebra's pattern,I just love it.I have a pinkish scarf with leopard pattern.I didn't wear it that much,but I'm thinking what to wear with it.I also saw,veeery cute pinkish - peach flats,oh they're so pretty. 

Oh my god,look at this crazy fashion.Don't you just love it?


If anyone on this blog have something against florals,he/she should say that or be quiet about it forever.I'm serious xD Don't you just love,love,love florals? I don't care about trends,for me,they're always in! Florals are so romantic,feminine and ultra playful.You can wear them in Day's Outfits and for Night too.If you're feeling creative and inspired you can do so many,many amazing things with florals.I just got such a cute floral skirt couple days ago and I'm totally in love with it.

Look how florals can look amazing just at casual occasions.I adore these 2 outfits below from Luella Bartley,gorgeous.

Thank you so much for following :] Please follow,read and comment,I'm extremely happy when I'm able to hear your opinions.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring trends - part 1.

I feel like spring has been here for years,not for couple days.I like how I feel and what I see around.Especially when I look trough the window : all I see is yellow and white (and some green).Dandelions,daisies,those big cherry trees,beautiful green grass (we all know what's grass,i know) ohh,and that sky! Everything.How I love when I open the window and play piano while the birds are singing.I love those bright colors,floral patterns,stripes,mini skirts,amaaaaaaaaaaazing all kinds of dresses.Ahh,I love you Spring!

Prepare yourself for some Fashion,you freaks.


Neon colors,a lot of neon colors,all shades of blue,powdery paints,stripes,stripes and stripes,florals and don't forget classic is always IN.

Neon colors.

I'm just in love with them,I never thought I'll like neon colors,but seems like I do.Neon orange,blue,pink,yellow,green - I LOVE THEM.

All shades of blue

Even if some people think it's "too ordinary" and predictable,blue finally found itself a place on Fashion Scene this year ( or just in my closet ).You have to be very careful with blue.If you're blonde you should definitely get yourself a little darker shade of blue,long dress.

Powdery Paints

If you're not crazy about "being crazy with colors" you should definitely buy yourself some beautiful powdery clothing pieces.Choose the creamy,light beige,soft pink,those colors are so romantic and elegant.If you have dark skin,that's just one more reason why you should have something "powdery" in your closet,because those colors would look amazing on you.Also,if you have light skin,powdery colors will show your stylishness.

That was the Part 1 of my spring trends and the things I'll be wearing this spring.
I'll post Part 2 very soon.

Make sure to tell me in comments what would you be wearing this spring and would you wear any of these things.


Monday, April 4, 2011

it's Mihaela :]


This is my new blog and I really hope you'll enjoy it!!
I'll post about my life,fashion,fashion,beauty,fashion?
I'm really excited about this and I hope you're too.

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