Sunday, July 30, 2017


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Hey you all :) I, again, have some amazing items to show you, but this time from I made this little collage with some of my favorites from their website. Also, check out their awesome plus size tankini online. There are so many amazing to choose from. These above are the pieces I would wear all summer long. I love that little polka dot crop top, the gingham skirt ( gingham has been everywhere lately ) with these adorable buttons, those little green heels, the flower ones.. Also both of these bags that are perfect for summer.. So many cool pieces :) I left all the links below the photo, just click on the numbers. Pluuus, one of these items is on its way to me, can you guess which one? Which one is your favorite? Have an amazing daay :)


Monday, July 24, 2017


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Hey you all, it's that time again.. First I must say that I had such an amazing time looking through all of these beauties. They are from the FSJ website. It's a brand that makes high fashion designs but for a much affordable price and all of their shoes are hand made, of course. Their designer dream plan is a great place for all the designers to show their ideas/designs. It's such an interesting store with so many amazing shoes. Just look at these above, aren't they fabulous? Especially that denim pair or the ones with the little fuzzy balls, how are they called i can't remember? Or the light pink ones or the baby blue ones, ahh I love them all!! Chunky heeled sandals are definitely my favorite type of footwear ( and little ankle booties but we'll talk about them later, in fall ). Anyhow, I put all the links below each photo. If you ask me which ones would I get right now, I couldn't decide. What pair would you get?


Saturday, July 1, 2017


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Hello everyone, here are some lovely items from, they have so many great pieces, especially bandage bodycon dresses and wine red prom dresses. I included some of my favorites in this post and you can find all the links above this text ( just click on the numbers ). Have a great shopping and enjoy your day!