Thursday, September 29, 2016


Last day in my hometown before going to Univeristy. It will be a little weird not waking up in my bed and not doing all of my daily activities at home, but that's just how it goes. Most of us are going away at this age and that's abslolutely normal. The capital city of Croatia ( where I'm going to study ) is not far from my hometown ( a little over 2 hours ) but it still seems to me that I have packed my entire room today haha. However, it is to time now for meeting new people, adjusting to new surroundings and not eating mom's food anymore, unfortunately.. New beginnings can be a little hard, but also exciting and something to look forward to! I hope you like these photos and enjoy your day/night :)


Saturday, September 24, 2016


Hello, how are you all, I hope you're all doing well :) In few of my previous posts I have been talking about fall and ankle boots and now here I am, with summer sandals. Seasons are all mixed up in my head currently, I am still wearing shorts and short sleeves inside my house and then I go out to the grocery store and realise summer is long gone..  But sometimes is wiser to buy something off-season because that is the time when it's usually discounted and you can find it for much cheaper. I have some heels for you today from the website. FSJ is a shoe brand, synchronized with the international fashion, but offering cheaper and more affordable prices - as said on their website. I browsed through their shoes and they have some pretty interesting pieces - from pencil heels to hot heels. Also, you can see some of them styled and how they look in real life on their fsjshoes reviews page. If you noticed, I have zwei favorite models from their website. They are basically two different pairs of shoes, but with different patterns/colors. I adore those Chloe inspired heels with a strap that ties around your leg - that has been such a hit this summer. And those prints are sooo cool! I would love to wear all of them. The other ones are your classic strappy sandals that are such a staple in any wardrobe. They are available in so many different colors, I've showed you only few of them, but you can go to their website or to the fsjshoes reviews and see if there's anything else you like. Links for everything are on the each photo, just click on the model you like and it will take you to their website. Let me know what is your favorite pair and if you're still able to wear these kind of open toe heels in your area. Byee and have an amazing day!


Monday, September 12, 2016


Few photos from this summer I've just found :) Enjoy your day!