Wednesday, May 8, 2019

name necklaces

Hi, it's me again, I've been posting so much this week :) I already talked about personalized jewelry and I have another online store for you today. I would like to introduce you to where you can get a ton of different customized jewelry. From different necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and even charms. As it says on their website "you name it, we make it!" Their team makes sure to meet all your requirements, from your idea to a finished product. You can select your own design, choose between various materials like sterling silver, gold plated or platinum plated silver for a reasonable price and made with high quality. Something like this is always a perfect gift for any of your family members or friends, or even yourself, we can't forget about that.,. You should always treat yourself as well. You can put names, initials or write anything else you want, make monogram necklaces, rings, whatever you imagine. They also make family pendants which I talked about already, they're such a perfect little piece to have. Each piece can be personalized by choosing the name, initials, as I already said, but you can also choose lettering type, font and stones that meet your personal style. As the mother's day is around the corner and if you're looking for a perfect gift, you can check out their cute personalized mother's necklaces where you can personalize names on a little baby feet charm which is adorable and you can see it on the photo above. There are also monogram bracelets, photo charm bracelets, personalized earrings, fingerprint jewelry, family tree necklaces and even you can even find a grandma necklace there. So many interesting things that you should definitely check out if you're looking for something like this. I put a few of the pieces above that you can find by clicking on the photo and it will take you to their website. I hope you enjoy this little chat with me and have a great day!

luvyle wishlist

Hi you all again :) If you're wondering where can you find these beautiful skirts from above, I will tell you right now. They are all from a lovely website called luvyle. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites today because I've been so much into skirts lately. I've told you already how I prefer skirts over dresses... They are such a perfect outfit piece. Mini or midi, I love them so much, though I'm not a huge fan of the long ones, they look kinda funny on me or at least that's what I think. Anyhow, I absolutely adore all of these above, especially the second one, I think it's my favorite. I saw a similar one in zara in a few different prints, but I am pretty sure they are sold out right now. If you missed those ones, here's your chance for another one. All of these are perfect for hot summer days. There are many more short skirts for women on their website. Also, the midi ones are great as well, I love wearing just a simple white t-shirt with a fun midi skirt throughout the warm summer days, add some white sneakers or cute sandals and you're good to go. If you're interested in any of these above, just click on each photo and it will take you directly to the item. But if you're not a huge fan of skirts, I suggest you check out their casual pants for women because there are so many awesome ones. That's all from now, let me know what are your go-to outfits during spring/summer and which one of these is your favorite. 


Monday, May 6, 2019

freedom silk

Hi you all, I hope you are all doing amazing! I wanted to introduce you today with a brand called FreedomSilk which is an online store that sells silk products, such as pillowcases, bedding and sleepwear. Their products are made with 100% pure, all-natural silk free of toxins and allergens. The benefits and advantages of silk bedding and sleepwear are countless; they provide breathable sleep at night which is one of the most important ones. Silk is extremely gentle for the skin, perfect for both winter and summer because it is warm, but also light and refreshing. 
If you ever wondered how to maintain fresh and young skin, change your usual pillowcase with a silk pillowcase and you'll notice a huge difference. It keeps your face so much more healthy and prevents wrinkles. If you think about it, it's the one fabric that your face has the most contact with! Also, silk helps your skin retain its moisture and keeps it more hydrated than any other fabric. It's naturally hypoallergenic including a natural resistance to dust mites, mold and fungus, yeah I did some research because this topic is so interesting. Can you believe how many benefits come from doing such a simple thing like changing your sleep environment? I always knew silk was great, but never realized how important it really is. It's not only beneficial for your skin but also your hair. It reduces friction which often causes damage, split ends for example. 
Now, if you're only going to invest in one piece of silk bedding, you should start with a pillowcase, there are so many beautiful and great options on the Freedom Silk site and I will post some of my other favorites down below. It's truly such a great value, there is no other fabric that is more luxurious than silk, right? What other investment can you make that will have so much impact on your skin, your hair and your sleep. I sound like a real seller, but it's so true. There are of course other silk items that can improve your bedtime routine, like silk bed set, silk pajamas and silk robes. I left few of my favorites down below, just click on the each photo and it will take you to the item directly if you're interested. I hope this post got you thinking about your bed habits and your bedding, at least your pillowcase! Let me know what are you thoughts about this ;)