Friday, October 16, 2015

paris fw s/s

photos from

Do you love these looks as much as I do? Fashion week is over, but Paris streetstyle always inspires me and leaves me impressed. So simple and yet so stunning. Love it! :)


Monday, October 12, 2015

italy #2

 There are still many photos from my trip to Italy I took at the end of August, but I honestly don't know the reason why I haven't uploaded them already. Better late than never, I guess - even though you saw almost all on my instagram and I still ( month later ) have photos I could upload on ig. But it's good to remember all of those lovely memories again :) These photos were taken at the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the Walls which is, as you can see, such a beautiful place. It's one of the four ancient, major basilicas. The outer part  looks amazing with all those palm trees and stunning architecture. And the interior is breathtaking as well - I will show you those photos some other time ;D You can see a little part of my outfit I wore, it was very,very hot and I opted out for these loose pants that I usually don't wear - but they're extremely comfortable and were appropriate for the occasion. Bye for now and I hope you'll all have a great week!!  ;) 


Friday, October 9, 2015

we choose the way of dimension

ZNU top / BORN PRETTY necklace / ZARA jacket / STYLEMOI skirt

Wearing the bornpretty necklace you saw in one of my previous posts - it actually has been my favorite since I got it, i love wearing it. They have many more lovely jewelry and here's a 10% discount code for you MRMT10. My top is from and I have matching shorts, but I decided to pair it with this fishnet skirt since it's obviously too cold for shorts. I hope you like this quick little post and have an amazing weekend!!:)


Sunday, October 4, 2015

instagram #8

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

new jewelry

These two lovely new ins are both from The necklace is such a perfect piece to make any outfit a little bit better, it's kinda gypsy, but I love that haha.. And since I don't have a lot of statement bracelets, actually all of my bracelets are small ones for layering, I've picked this one. Sometimes you're too lazy to layer so it's easier to just put one on and you're good to go ;) If you like these two, the links are above this text and you can find more of their affordable, but super cute jewelry here. Have an amazing day!!