Saturday, December 24, 2011


It's not Christmas without snow.
Please, let is snow
That's all I want. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas Eve and that you'll have an amazing Christmas!



Friday, December 16, 2011

charm factory and giveaway winner

I got this bracelet few weeks ago and I think it's so cute. 
It's from Charm Factory, you should definitely check their website. It's great and very affordable. 
I'm able to do a giveaway for you, one of you will win a beaded bracelet of your choice.
I would definitely do that giveaway very soon. Maybe when I reach 100 followers on bloglovin?

At the moment, I feel kinda sick. This last 2 weeks were ahh SCHOOL -.- But I survived. 5 days of school and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen HOLIDAYS. Finally :)

And also, the winner of my SIGMA giveaway is TISHKA. ( I used )
Congratulations :D I already contact you, If you don't respond to me within 5 days, I'll choose another winner. 

*Svi vi koji ste iz Hrvatske i čitate moj blog, molim vas odite na FB od beautyholicro i lajkajte njenu fejsbuk stranicu :  makeup-ninja 
Nakon toga odite na njen blog, zapravo na ovaj post : makeup-ninja - STILA DARIVANJE i pridružite se darivanju. Možete osvojiti Stila Lip Glaze Set :) Savršenstvo. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

bobbi brown bershka les jumelles

It's Friday, finally. Two more weeks of pain, I survived this one, I guess I can do that 2 more times. I'm serious, It's so stressful, school is killing me - almost. I don't have time for anything, except studying. But I feel like in most of my posts I'm complaining about school, but there have been some good things this week too. Les Jumelles Necklace I won on Fashion&Style blog came yesterday, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Book which I won on THIS blog, a one bag came today but I was too lazy to take a photo of it, I'm not sure I like it, then few days ago, my romwe things ( from giveaway ) came - a sweater which looks weird on me and a ring - it's soooooooo cute. 

Yesterday, I won $300 giftcard on Ettika  website on Viva Luxury blog. OMG!! I'm so excited *__*

I did a little shopping last weekend, nothing much. 
This week was quite successful, I guess :D 

 bershka sweater

romwe sweater

tally weijl jeans and my favorite nail polish atm

romwe bunny ring

tally weijl earrings. my cousin got them for me. i already own earring set like this, but kinda different. also the two of them are missing, i'm wearing them - they're the geek and LOL one. i find myself wearing that geek earring very often, i don't know, i guess i am a geek. 

les jumelles necklace. it is soooo gorgeous. i absolutely love it, i thought it was bigger, though, but that's okai. i can't wait to wear it.

What did you buy this week?

Join at my SIGMA GIVEAWAY if you haven't already.