Wednesday, June 29, 2011

silver bow.silver hat.

I'm obsessed with this tank top, you're asking why? It's shiny, It has a bow, It has a SILVER bow, well did I mentioned that It has a bow? I like bows, yes I do. 
I found that black mini skirt in my closet, I find a lot of things in my closet - ahahha. Also, I got this hat for a New Year or something like that and I absolutely love it. I love fedora hats, I had white-red fedora hat and I loooved it, but it died. Did you know that hats can die...? 
I was on a boat when I was on my school trip and it was quite windy and guess what happened.. the last time I saw that hat it was swimming in the sea.. or not swimming. R.I.P

Tank top - Zara
Skirt - I don't know ( closet )
Hat - Silver ( local store )