Friday, November 25, 2011


Haii. Guess what I have for you today? Giveaway. And it's black friday, perfect time for those who didn't buy much today. 
 I promised you, when I reach 500 followers I'll do a giveaway and now I'm at 520 wohoho.
Basically when I joined Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program I received their F80 Flat Top Kabuki - exactly the one you can win here. I absolutely love that brush, it's extremely soft and ahh I love it. Perfect for liquid foundation. 

"The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending liquid, cream and powder products onto the skin. The flat surface allows perfect buffing with flawless results. Synthetic Sigmax HD filament."


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This giveaway ends December 14th 

This giveaway is sponsored by Sigma. They will send the prize to the winner. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

you da one

You have to listen to THIS SONG
It's a cover of "You da one" by Rihanna

Check their music and tell them sent you :D They're Australian band and they're amazing. The band is called Freak Morice. It's FREAK Morice. Of course I love them.

Does any of you watch Gossip Girl, 90210, Hart of dixie, ANTM or The Vampire Diaries? I'm obsessed with these shows.Tell me your favorites in comments.

6 followers until my giveaway. Just to let you know.^^


Saturday, November 12, 2011

my summer°° - part 6

Click on the pictures to see them better

I miss you summer. I miss you so much.
But only some parts of you. 

You know what I have learned this week? Everything is possible.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

my everday make-up

Today I'll show you my everyday make-up routine. I don't use a lot, but this is what I use. I love watching other's everyday make-up routine, especially on youtube. 

Concealer is something I can't skip, I'm always using it. I have dark under eye circles and I'm always looking for a good concealer. Garnier Roll-On Anti Dark Circles is something I use everyday, It doesn't give you that much coverage, but after some time using it you can see the difference. 
Sometimes I use Oriflame corrector for blemishes or some other discolorations on my face. 

I always put white eyeshadow or white eye-pencil in the inner corners of my eyes. Sometimes I put brown ( I don't like black ) pencil on waterline , this one is from Essence. Actually, I have a lot of items from essence.

Mascaras( I love them ) !!
 My favorite is One by One by Maybelline, ohh, I love that mascara. Sometimes, I use the blue mascara - "Visions" mascara.

This lipgloss is magical, wohoho, it's blue in the bottle but on your lips is kinda dark pink. Bold lips = Fall.

I love this little thing, It's NATvenTURista blush stick, the color is very natural and I really like this blush. 

That's basically what I use everyday for my make-up. I usually don't wear lipgloss, I don't why, I think I'm too lazy for that. I'm looking for a good lipstain, though. 

If you're curious about prices or if you maybe want a review for any of these items, just tell me in comments.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

something new

Haii you.

I'm not going to school ( again ). I kinda almost broke my leg. I haven't broken it, I just can't walk. Lovely.

Couple weeks ago my mum bought me this perfume, I always wanted one like that and it's pink wohoho. And it actually smells really nice. 
I also bought these black boots. I love them. What else can I say? 

54 followers untill Sigma giveaway.