Wednesday, February 27, 2013

coups de coeur

i've been only wearing big chunky sweaters lately  / lipbalm i use everyday / such a lovely bag / still can't go anywhere without bracelets - random & storeV / my make-up must have.current favorite blush - alverde pastel rose / dazzling darling / favorite for my lashes / best morning face cream ever. it's so refreshing.

gone gone away in the night 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

if you could see me now

Sweater : New Yorker / Skirt : Lashes of London / Bag,tights : H&M / Boots : Skechers

Everything is perfectly aligneeeeeeed currently, except maybe my sweater and these tights, but I like combination between electric blue and bright pink. And I absolutely can't wait for weather to start getting warmer so I could wear this awesomeleather skirt without tights. Oohh well who knows how much I'm gonna have to wait since it was snowing today...

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zara sunday

I should've been sleeping, but I found myself on, again.