Monday, January 27, 2014

we do it over and over and over again

Sasha Pivovarova for Alberta Ferretti's spring 2011 campaign ( photographed by : Paolo Riversi )

I just couldn't resist posting these undeniably dreamy and romantic photos of Sasha ( i know, her again, sry )


Thursday, January 23, 2014

we were the pink gold soldiers of the century of blissful

Necklaces : Born Pretty ( here, here and here ), Clothing : 6KS ( here and here )

I'm pretty pleased with these jewerly items I got from that provides jewelry&accessary. It's true that I've been craving some statement necklaces lately so I'm glad I got these. The first necklace, golden chain one, comes with the a matching bracelet and only costs few dollars. There's also a discount code : MRMT10 you can use to get 10% discount off your order. 
These two clothing items are from, I love how the sweater is torn at the back which looks so cool when you wear it. Anyhow, I'll show you both items for sure in one of the future posts :) 
Have a lovely day/night everyone! ( and follow me on tumblr  i love going there almost more than on blogger just kidding ) 

songtoday ( i've been listening to this one every morning while getting ready for the past week loveloveit )

Sunday, January 19, 2014

make-up up up

Few weeks ago someone asked me to do "what's in my make-up bag" or "everyday make-up routine" or however you would like to call it, so I thought perhaps it's time to finally do it.

I keep my brushes, which are mostly from eco tools, in this clear jar I filled with colored salt ( I just took colored chalk and stirred the salt with it to color it ).
I always start with white eye pencil on my waterline and sometimes I tightline the lashes with the black one. After that, I use one of 87345 other concealers I need for my darkdark eye circles, my favorite is maybelline eraser eye concealer and I put garnier roll-on under it ( I forgot to take photo of it, sry ). For my face, I use maybelline fit me concealer or catrice camouflage, depends if I'm feeling that I need more or less coverage. I set it all with manhattan compact powder, I mainly focus on my T-zone to reduce getting oily throughout the day.
If I could use only one product that will probably be something for my eyebrows since eyebrows are huge part of make-up routine for me. I tried all kinds of different eyebrow pencils and the essence one still works the best for me. After that, I go over them with catrice spoolie and I also just discovered their eyebrow filler that is great for quick filling-up those frames to your face ;)
When I use eyeshadow ( which is only when I go out or there's a special occasion ), I first use essence eyeshadow base and then some of the lovely eyeshadows I own. I have few palettes and mono eyeshadows but I mainly focus on golden-champagne-shimmery ones. On the photos are just few of my favorites and this palette is actually the oldest palette I own and after all the others I tried, it's still my favorite. It was limited edition from manhattan year or 2 ago. 
I don't use eyeliner, but I use these essence long lasting eye pencils instead, I love having them as a pop of color on my face haha and I also sometimes use black eyeshadow with an angled brush in place of an eyeliner. 
Moreover, I always have to curl my lashes before I use mascara - doing that just gives me so much joy I honestly have no idea why. Currently, I'm using this essence mascara. I used it few years ago and I remembered it was really good for the price you pay, but I kinda just went and got another one just to try some new ones. I used l'oreal million lashes, maybelline colossal, one by one and rocket mascara and I can say this one can easily compare to all of them. 
The blush I'm using at the moment is by bourjois, but I change that quite often since blushes are my weakness. 
I can't go a day without chopstick, I absolutely love them - all kinds of them. The one in the middle is from burt's bees. If I want some color on my lips I use maybelline popstick in pink lollipop or color whisper in coral ambition, but that rarely happens because I don't really like having anything else on my lips than lipbalm. 
If you're interesting in finding out more about any product I mentioned, feel free to ask me in comments and I'll review it there for you :) 

Products from the photos : 

Essence stays no matter what waterproof eyepencil 01 midnight black
Maybelline expression kajal eyepencil 35 white
Maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles light
Maybelline fit me concealer 15
Catrice camouflage cream 010 ivory
Catrice camouflage cream 020 light beige
Manhattan clearface compact powder 76 sand
Essence eyebrow designer 04 blonde
Catrice eyebrow stylist 020 date with ash-ton
Catrice eyebrow filler gel 
Essence i love stage eyeshadow base
Essence color&shine eyeshadow 02 stage beauty
Alverde eyeshadow 01 elegant beige
Essence eyeshadow 53 pop eye
She eyeshadow 065
Manhattan 1 beige ballerina
Essence long lasting eye pencil 02 hot chocolate, 09 cool down, 15 bling ring, 16 coolest chic, 14 think khaki
Avon eyelash curler
Essence i love extreme mascara
Bourjois blush 74 rose ambre
Labello lipbalms
Burt's bees pink grapefruit
Maybelline popstick 030 pink lollipop
Maybelline color whisper 430 coral ambition

Oookay, I can't remember the last time I wrote post longer than 3 sentences what is actually really bad. What do you think, should I start actually writting more here? I think I would quite enjoy that.

Have a great week! ( with this song )


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

sasha pivovarova for free people

Isn't she stunning? These are the photos she did for Free People's January 2014 Lookbook.
Photographer - Igor Vishnyakov

Have a lovely Saturday everyone! <3