Saturday, February 25, 2012

fashion geek - personal planner

Today my planner from came. You can customize your planner however you want on their website. I think it's such an awesome idea, because you can make it how you want it. 
I'm kinda obsessed with planners.

I'm very happy with it. The size is perfect, I love how you can put whatever you want on front cover. Ohh, imagine if it says "Fashion Freak" and not "geek". Woh woh. Anyway, I absolutely love this planner and I suggest you checking out their website. You can also customize notebook, if you don't want planner, which is really cool. 

And don't worry if it's not beginning of the year, you can customize it from March 2012 - March 2013, etc. You can do almost everything with it and that's why I love it so much!

Has anyone tried Too Faced Natural palette? Or do you prefer NAKED palette? 
I think I'm gonna get Too Faced very soon. *excited

-still obsessed with one direction. niall.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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Ettika package finally came! Yaay^^ Actually, it came at Monday but I was too lazy and too sick to post it before. 

Basically, two or three months ago I won this giveaway  on Viva Luxury Blog. It was $300 gift card to so I was able to chose something in $300 value ( obviously ). 

Here's everything I got : 

First I got these 2 candles which smell amazing. I got Honeysuckle and Gardenia Blossoms.
They're just mini candles and I really wanted to try scented candles. 

I was so excited for these earrings and when I got them... they were just too big. I thought they're normal size stud earrings. But I still absolutely love them!

I chose the wrong color, I didn't really see "Color Swatch" picture, If I did I think I would pick different ribbon color, but it's okaii :) I still really like it! It's perfect for everyday and I absolutely adore that skull charm. 

This bracelet is so cute! I love those studs on it. It's gorgeous, it's kinda small but I like that. 
Ahh, I love it so much :D

I'm really glad I got this bracelet because it's so pretty. I absolutely love how it says "Hope" on it. 

This one is probably my favorite, it's sooooooo pink. I love pink^^
I love it. I just keep saying that in this post.

I'm very happy with everything I got, it was perfect way to start off this week. 

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

diva cosmetics and giveaway winner

Pakiranje je predivno! Osjećam se kao da je Božić :D

Gabrini Terra Cotta duo sjenilo- 28, Gabrini rumenilo kuglice - 301 i Gabrini Terra Cotta rumenilo - 104

Gabrini rumenilo kuglice - 301

Ova nijansa mi je malo pretamna, te ću vjerojatno pričekati ljeto i koristiti kao bronzer. Inače ne volim rumenila u kuglicama, ali ova su jako pigmentirana i začuđujuće dobra.

Volim neutralne nijanse i zato sam odabrala ovaj "duo". Također su im sjenila jako pigmentirana i nijanse su divne. Kad sam ga "swatchala" shvatila koliko su zapravo hrapavi ( ne znam kako da se izrazim ), nekako me to iritira, te bih stvarno htjela da su im pakiranja drugačija, neke stvari izgledaju "jeftino", iako su vrlo kvalitetne. Ako mislite probati nešto s diva-kozmetika svakako probajte ova duo sjenila.

Jako je lijepo, možda previše "shimerasto" za rumenilo, a neki su čak ova rumenila uspoređivali s MAC Mineralize Skinfiinish što je super ( iako ih ja nisam probala ). 
Svakako preporučujem ovo rumenilo ( ili u drugoj nijansi ), predivna su. 

*PR uzorci

Thanks everyone for participating in my giveaway, I got over 200 entries^^ 
The winner of charm factory giveaway is Gab Juk