Saturday, May 27, 2017


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Summer is slowly approaching and it's time for throwing away our jackets and taking out those easy breezy ( covergirl's old ad, who remembers? ) dresses and skirts. I have some from StyleWe and Just Fashion Now. Both of those are such great online stores with so many cool items. I want a lot of pieces from those websites, but I only picked a few to show you today. One of my favorite is definitely the number 5, layered midi skirt, I love that pattern so much and it has been everywhere which is good because you can easy find a lot of lovely things with that pattern, but it's also bad because at the same time, everybody is/will be wearing it, ohh the struggles. I also love that cute little, kinda tribal, kinda red dress - at the numero uno. And I love that black, open shoulders, dress and the embroidered skirt.. as always, I simply can not pick one favorite, they're all my favorites! And look at that cute beach bag, they have so many amazing tote handbags, I love them! Yeah, I'm sure you already got it, I love everything, so definitely visit their site. I put all the links for the pieces from the photo, above this text  ( the numbers are links ). Have a beautiful day/night and byebye. 



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